San Diego Padres Blogosphere – 12/30/2013


Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

This picture really has nothing to do with the rest of this article. That is Austin Hedges. I am comfortable enough in my manliness to say that Hedges is one good looking dude. If dreamy eyes can win ball games, the Padres need to call this kid up right now. It’s time for the Padres to bring sexy back to San Diego. I mean really, look at these guys, I’ve got to give my wife some kind of reason to watch the games with me. Hedges in 2014! Make it happen Friars!

Alright, enough about that. The Padres have one of the best networks of blogs of any team in Major League Baseball. Let’s take a look at what’s going on around the San Diego Padres Blogosphere.

Gaslamp Ball

“Jbox” at Gaslamp Ball has a post up about the Giants putting a garden in at AT&T Park and claiming that it is the first. True Padres fans know that the Friars have had a garden in centerfield, beneath the batter’s eye, for several years now. Jbox does a good job of egging the Padres’ head groundskeeper Luke Yoder on so that maybe we can expect a groundskeeper brawl the first time the Giants come to town.

Son of a Duck!

Geoff Young has a great post up about his visit to the Arizona Fall League and the SABR conference there. One very interesting note in this article is that the Diamondbacks traded Ian Kennedy because they could not get him to pitch inside. With Black and Balsley working with him, it already appears that he corrected what ever issues needed correcting. I am pretty excited about what Kennedy might do this year. I think we have a lot to look forward to with his continued work with the coaches and a full year in Petco.

Somewhat distressing is the 50 grade that a baseball writer hung on Austin Hedges at the SABR conference which would basically make him an average major league. Have you seen this guy? He is far from average… and he is a pretty good baseball player.

Avenging Jack Murphy

AJM has a post up about the crowded San Diego outfield. There appears to be four outfielders for the Right Field job, not counting Kyle Blanks or Rey Fuentes. AJM loves Rey Fuentes, though. I think he and Kyle Blanks will spend most of the year in El Paso waiting for an injury in San Diego, which is very likely.

Ghost of Ray Kroc

Jesus Guzman was recently traded. Ray Kroc’s Ghost apparently likes the move. He thinks that Alexi Amarista is the next one that needs to go. I don’t think it will happen though. The Padres don’t have many (or any) utilitymen who can play infield and outfield, even with the trade of Guzman for Ryan Jackson (who doesn’t play outfield).

While your checking these blogs out, be sure to check all of the Padres Public blogs out. We, as Padres fans, are lucky to have a lot of dedicated writers writing about our team.

It almost helps to lessen the sting of being a Padres fan.