The Case to Keep Chase Headley


Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports.

I understand the rumors swirling around the Winter Meetings in Orlando are tilting toward the Friars keeping Chase Headley.  However, I want to be clear, we must keep him!  The simple reason being we need to play the percentages.

Chase Headley had an off year in 2013 compared to being a Silver Slugging third baseman in 2012.  He was hobbled by injuries, but how much the injuries affected him is one of the “known unknowns” out there.  Because of his lackluster 2013, Headley’s stock is down, and he now needs to prove himself once again in 2014.  Who out there doesn’t want Headley to prove himself as a member of the Padres?  Please fire off in the comments section now.

I want Headley in a Padres uniform in 2014 because we are going to need his glove and his bat.  There is a 50/50 chance he will return to his Silver-Slugging/Gold Glove self, and we should all rest easy playing those odds.

So, as we hope for a big deal to get done at the Winter Meetings, please don’t let it include our potential All-Star third baseman.  Let Headley have a great year as a member of the Padres, and then “pay that man his money.”

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