FOB Top Prospects – #28 Mallex Smith


Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Mallex Smith (OF)

5’9″ – 155 lbs.

DOB: 5/6/1993

2013 Stats: .262/.367/.340, 4 HR, 29 RBI, 59 BB, 84 K, 64 SB (A – Fort Wayne)

Scouting Video

Smith has a ton of speed. His 64 stolen bases are proof of that. What is truly impressive is his batting eye and the improvement he is showing. Smith walked 59 times this year. His numbers are steadily increasing in every category. Judging by this story on the MILB site, it wasn’t luck that got Mallex to this point. Smith comes from a tight knit, hard working family. It has rubbed off on him in the form of a notebook that he keeps on him during every game. At age 20, he is busy studying pitchers like a 20 year old would be expected to study their college subjects. Not only does Smith study pitchers in terms of what they throw, he also studies them in terms of time to the plate. He knows how to utilize his speed, even at his young age.

Smith isn’t just going to make it to the show based on his speed. It doesn’t seem like he would be content with being a pinch runner/defensive center field replacement. Smith was rewarded during Spring Training last year by being added to the Padres roster for the big league club’s game. He wore a number in the 90’s but, that number will be coming down sometime in the next few years. If the studious Smith continues to work as hard as he has, he will be able to pick his own number in 2 to 3 years.