What’s Going On In The NL West – 12/2


Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of other baseball fans are focused on who is and isn’t going to be tendered contracts today, with the deadline being only hours away. Realistically, we Padres fans do not have to worry about that. Sorry Jesus Guzman, maybe. If you want to worry about something, feel free to worry about Chase Headley. According to Joel Sherman, the Padres are listening to offers. According to Peter Gammons, they aren’t. I kind of feel sorry for the guy with his life so up in the air right now. Then I remember that I’m an Iraq and Afghanistan Veteran and remind myself that he has no idea what up in the air is. That toot you just heard was from my own horn. Here’s a look at what’s going on around the division.


Our friends at Venom Strikes are lamenting the loss of Willie Bloomquist. The Padres will be glad to no longer have to face Willie’s 0 HR’s and 0 SB’s. Somehow his 44 hits and 36 years were turned into $5.8 mil by the Mariners. Looks like a win for Willie.

The D-Backs would like to add a Corner OF power bat this off season. Sound familiar? Tyler Roberts suggests signing Corey Hart.


The owner of the Rockies thinks that if they had a good fifth starter and a better bullpen, they could win 98 games. Wow.

Rox Pile reports that the Rockies’ Michael Cuddyer is helping to recruit Justin Morneau over to the Rox.


The Orioles are looking to trade Jim Johnson and his projected $10 mil salary after arbitration before, well, arbitration. The Dodgers apparently have some interest. If only he was left handed, we might have some also. Well, probably not at $10 mil.

Speaking of having an insane amount of money at your disposal, the Dodgers are reportedly talking extension with shortstop Hanley Ramirez.


The writers over at Around the Foghorn do a great job of explaining the arbitration rules. Brandon Belt is one of five players eligible for arbitration from the Giants.

Denise Walos has not seen Chad Gaudin since he went on the DL with carpal tunnel syndrome. But, apparently a woman at a hospital in Las Vegas saw way too much of him.

Take it easy everyone. Chase, if you’re out there, hang in there brother. It could be worse.