Padres Related News From GM Meetings 2013

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The GM Meetings began today in Orlando. This post will be a running account of what is going down there as relates to the Padres. Feel free to comment with any news that you would like to share with the group. I’m not too sure that the we have that much to look forward to in the next three days but, you never know. Hopefully Josh Byrnes is busy laying the ground work to trade for a left handed bat. I’m sure some time will be spent talking to Phil Hughes’ agent. It’s an exciting time. The Padres aren’t going to be desperately trying to make anything happen. But, let’s hope the Padres can leave the meetings a little better off than how they arrived. Stay tuned!

Day 1

Here is the first Padres related news to come out of the meetings. The Royals have a very slight connection to Phil Hughes. The Padres seem to be content with the rotation as is. Would Byrnes and Co. be interested in Hughes as the 5th Starter and instead move some of the good young arms into the bullpen for a season?

At 8:36 AM PT,  Bob Dutton, a Royals beat writer for the KC Star confirmed that Phil Hughes is high on the Royals list of targets.

Padres related, I guess. Bartlett last batted .133 for the Padres in 2012.

Hey, here’s something new. Instead of all the rumors about Headley being shopped around, Jon Heyman reports that the two sides could be talking contract. Headley seems to want to stay. Here’s hoping that his poor season following his injury nets the Padres a little bit of a discount. Are these contract negotiations early in the offseason to leave time for a trade later if need be?

Well, so much for us trading a ton of great pitching to the Marlins for Stanton. Time to look toward Josh Reddick? 26 years old. Left handed power bat. You would have to think Billy Beane would be interested in some young, controllable pitchers. It’s kind of his style.