Padres-Giants Q&A With “Around the Foghorn” Staff Writer Alex Maffei


Hopefully the Padres will get Alonso back for one game in this series. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

A couple of weeks ago I did a cross-blog “Q&A” with Marlin Maniac’s editor Ehsan Kassim.  In the “Q&A,” I asked Ehsan a series of questions about the Marlins in an effort to gain a better understanding of the Friars then-upcoming opponent.  With the Padres ready to begin a four-game series versus the Giants tonight, I thought that I would do another “Q&A” with a member of FanSided’s San Francisco Giants-themed blog “Around the Foghorn.”

Staff writer Alex Maffei (@alexmaffei) was the person who took part in my newest “Q&A” installment, so here is what he had to say about the Giants and the upcoming series:

What do you believe it will take for San Francisco to capture the wide-open NL West?

Yikes. Right now it’s obviously not looking good for the Giants in regards to “winning” anything. They’re 6.5 out of first place but it doesn’t mean climbing back up isn’t impossible. The Giants were notorious in their two World Series years for turning their season around after the All Star break and surging down the stretch. With that said, they better start stringing some wins together. They’ve lost now 32 out of their last 47 games. Their starters haven’t been terrible lately but the bullpen is failing them. The pitching needs to hunker down, so the Giants can win on minimal run scoring if they’re gonna make the push for the NL West title.

Will the Giants be buyers or sellers as this month progresses?

Though the big slide as of late for the Giants, I can’t imagine they’d be “sellers” unless they REALLY tank it the rest of the month like they are now. But I don’t think they think they’re out of it just yet. Coming off a World Series title year, teams like this don’t just pack it in and give up. If anything, I’d picture them being “buyers” in trying to bolster their pitching, whether it’s a starter or bullpen (which has been a problem). I’m not privy to who’s on the market or who they could target, but I envision it’d be a marginal difference maker. Not a huge blockbuster.

Is there one position that you believe San Francisco’s brass will focus on upgrading at the trade deadline?

Defensively, I don’t think the Giants have anyone that’s too much of a liability. But offensively, an outfielder with a bat who can play center field, would be ideal in my book. The Giants have been hurting in that department ever since Angel Pagan went down and it doesn’t look like he’ll be back any time soon, if at all the rest of the year.

Buster Posey, Team MVP in 2013?  League MVP in 2013?

Buster Posey is the one consistent Giant this year. He is most definitely the team MVP. As for league MVP, it would be no shock at all if he won it again.

Do you have any predictions for the series?

I predict the Giants will split the series  with the Padres. I can’t see them making a huge turnaround right away with a sweep, but gaining some ground past the 4th place Padres is certainly attainable. Incremental wins are still hugely important for the struggling Giants. Some momentum going into the All Star break will do them good.

There you have it, Friars fans.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Alex for his time and his responses.  I hope that the Padres are able to at least split the series and head into the All-Star break on a high note.  Then again, that might be a pretty tall order for a team that has just lost 11 of their last 12 games.

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