Padre Cap Colors – What’s Yours?


One of the trends that I’ve noticed from the stadium recently, are Padre fans sporting various caps of differing colors and logos.  Some official, some old keep sakes, some souvenir hats given away at the stadium.  The Padres don’t have the storied history of the Dodgers, or the Giants, with that timeless single uniform look.  We need a name on our jersey’s, so we can recognize our players!  Haha.  The Padres only joined the National League fairly recently, since 1969, although the history goes back further as a minor league team in the PCL.  In our short time, we’ve had 6 different logos, and 4 different color combinations – the worst was when the Kroc’s owned the Padres.  Ray Kroc also started a famous franchise known as McDonalds, and some might say his brown and gold inspiration over the Padre’s uniforms at the time was ugly, and punishing to the eyes.  Funny how things tend to come full circle after a while, as current trends change and brown and gold is considered in style again.  See here, here, and here.  I actually like it enough now, and I’ve got a brown and gold jacket.

Currently, the Padres have 4 official uniforms, with one alternate, the Marine style camo sand uniforms that are always worn on Military Appreciation days.  I like the variety, and the diversity in a way.  Our crowds aren’t so big that it visually blots out the stands with a single color.  Stands are filled anywhere from a quarter to maybe even half full of visitors nowadays, such that the colors are mixed anyways.  Visitors are more likely to wear opposing colors.

I wear an old style camo hat that I bought with a friend a while back from the Padres store under the Western Metal building with colors  white, grey and black, and I still like and sport it, even through it’s been through the wash and looks worn.  It brings me luck.  Recently, I’ve seen solid red, green, and black and thought they looked pretty snappy.  I think the green used to be part of the miltary camo uniforms, so they are official and could be considered throwback.  I searched online and found tons of variety to choose from.  I was a bit suprised, there are plenty of styles and color combinations.  So bring your cap to the stadium, and pick the color and style you want – its the latest trend.