Enigmatic Front Office Stirs Up Frustration


This has to be the worst starting rotation I can remember, and I sat through games with Brian Meadows, Stan Spencer and Brian Tollberg (ugh). You can’t expect to win games when you are down four or five runs before the 5th inning. Hitters start to press and it wears on them.

Winter meetings were suppose to produce a starting pitcher. That’s what the front office said they needed but they never produced it. One good starting pitcher isn’t going to flip the team’s record but it would make games respectable. There is not one starting pitcher on this roster that makes me want to watch a game. No Jake Peavey, Mat Latos, or Corey Luebke type guys. None of the guys in the rotation are exciting.

We knew how bad the starting rotation could be but I don’t think anyone thought it would be this bad. Which brings me to this point: if the front office couldn’t get another arm and knew how crappy the rotation could possibly be, WHY THE **** DID YOU MOVE THE FENCES IN?!

Is it not more logical to move the fences AFTER you have a respectable, Major League rotation to field? Padres pitchers have allowed more home runs at home (13) than on the road (12). The issue here is the fact that they have allowed way too many home runs in general.

Young arms were suppose to shore up the rotation but injuries have severely set them back. What was the rush to move the fences in? Why not wait until those arms were ready to go?

Also, if they knew they were going to move the fences so soon, why trade Anthony Rizzo? Put him in left field and let him hit. There is no way Rizzo in left would be more of a liability than Jesus Guzman.

I’m hoping that this is all an elaborate master plan to develop a dynasty by Josh Byrnes and Co. My gut tells me they might just be the dumbest organization of the last ten years.