Padres Starting Lineup COULD BE Best In Baseball


The Padres starting lineup is scary.

Let me say that again.

The Padres starting lineup is scary.

If I were a manager I wouldn’t want my starting pitchers to face the Padres lineup.

I never thought I’d ever get to say that.

The starting lineup infused with a healthy Chase Headley, Carlos Quentin and a developing Yonder Alonso can be Major League Baseball’s best hearts of the order.

Sorry Dodgers.

Add Kyle Blanks into the equation and the starting lineup is deadly.

Mar 9, 2013; Peoria, AZ, USA; San Diego Padres third baseman Chase Headley (7) at bat during the first inning against the Texas Rangers at Peoria Sports Complex. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t care what the skeptics say,  Chase Headley did not have a fluke year in 2012. I fully expect him to be the hitter he was last year. If this is the case, Headley can give the Padres about a .290 batting average with 30-plus home runs and over 100 RBIs. No to mention his  uncanny ability to get on base via the walk.

Carlos Quentin is a fearless hitter. While he will give the Padres a batting average hovering around .250, he will easily give the club 20 or so bombs.

Yonder Alonso is a doubles machine. The more this guy gets seasoned, the more his power develops. I’d say Alonso is good for about a .300 average and 10 bombs.

Where do I start with Kyle Blanks? This guy is a beast. His problem is staying healthy, if he can do that he can club over 30 home runs and drive in 100 RBIs. No Joke.

Don’t these guys sound intimidating? I sure as hell would want to face the Padres with all these guys in the lineup.