Inside The Numbers: Opening Day


Today is the start of a new season. A lot of times Opening Day can dictate how a season is going to end up. In the Padres 44 years of existence they have accomplished a lot of things on Opening Day and a lot of defeats. Here is a look inside the numbers on how the Padres have fared on Opening Day.

.477 – Padres’ Opening Day Winning Percentage, the team is 21-23 on Opening Day.

Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

1 – Padres Opening Day game played at a neurtal site. Mexico 1999. Estadio de Beisbol Monterrey.

– Other time the Padres have played the Mets on Opening Day.

2 – The number of times the Padres have shutout an opponent on Opening Day.

3 – Padres Opening Day games that’s gone into extra innings.

4 – Padres’ record for the most Opening Day starts. Randy Jones, Eric Show, Jake Peavy.

5 – Times the Padres have been shutout on Opening Day.

5-7 Padres starting pitching Opening Day record on the road.

10- 7 Padres starting pitching Opening Day record at home.

13 – Most Runs Scored Against on Opening Day. Opening Day 1983 versus the SF Giants.

15 wins- 15 loses and 14 no decisions. Padres starting pitching record om Opening Day.

16 – The most runs scored by the Padres on Opening Day, Opening Day of 1983 against SF Giants.

20 – Opening Day games played at home (not including home opener).

23 – Opening Day games the Padres have played on the road.

26 – The number of  different Opening Day starting pitchers in the team’s 43 years.

181 – Total Runs Scored on Opening Day

175 – Total Runs Against on Opening Day.

45, 496 – Largest Opening Day crowd at Petco Park. This was set in 2009.

61,707 – Largest Opening Day home crowd. This was set at Qualcomm Stadium in 2003.