Chicken Friars’ Fans Elect Matt Bush Over Donovan Tate


After the announcement of former first round pick, Donovan Tate, not reporting to Minor League Spring Camp because of “personal reasons,” I posed the following question in an unscientific poll:

Who’s the bigger draft bust, Matt Bush or Donavan Tate?

And here is how the Chicken Friars’ fans voted…

With 45 total votes cast, 87 percent (39 voters) elected Matt Bush as the bigger draft bust. Only 13 percent (six voters) voted for Donovan Tate over Matt Bush.

This wasn’t much of a surprise. Both players are scumbags but Bush definitely takes the draft bust crown because of his lengthy criminal record, and the quality of players that the Padres  passed on to elect Bush.

Tate definitely had an argument. A $6.25 million argument to be exact.

But Tate is still young and still has a small chance to turn his life and game around, and hopefully one day removes the draft bust tag.

So there you have it. Matt Bush, the Chicken Friars’ fans have appointed you as the bigger draft bust. Congratulations!