Part II: We Be Those Pretty MFs, Canada’s What We Reppin


Yesterday we shared a little about Mark Hardy, Padres 2010 draft pick from Campbell River, British Colombia, and member of team Canada at this years World Baseball Classic. Today in the second part of the interview, we learn why he chose a baseball over a puck, his soon to improve golf game and why no one likes the Canucks outside of BC.

Lee Bosch: Why did you pick a baseball bat over a hockey stick? Who influenced you?

Mark Hardy: Picked up a baseball instead of a hockey stick because of my dad. He played baseball when he was younger and he noticed I was left handed so helped me start pitching.

LB: What was your major in college? If you weren’t a professional baseball player, what would you be doing?

MH: I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in psychology. I love baseball so if I didn’t play, I would try and stay involved somewhere in the front office.

LB: Have you ever visited San Diego?

MH: I have been to San Diego. Last year when I was playing in Elsinore I drove down to the beach on an off day, it’s a beautiful city.

LB: Who is the best golfer on team Canada? What is your handicap?

MH: I’d probably say the best golfer on team Canada is Shawn Hill. My handicap isn’t great but I just bought new clubs so I’m hoping to improve.

LB: Is it true that nobody outside BC likes the Vancouver Canucks?

MH: The Canucks are the best team in hockey! Anyone else outside of BC are just jealous.

Hope you guys enjoyed this two-part piece with Mark Hardy. Next week be sure to stop by and meet the pride of Australia, outfielder Corey Adamson.