A Fan Perspective: Padres Fan Willie Price Talks Bobble Heads


Chicken Friars is starting a new series where we interview random Padres fans and get their perspective on why they love the Friars. First up is Willie Price.

Willie Price has been a Padres fan his whole life. Now living in Murrietta, Calif., Price still follows his favorite baseball team and occasionally catches a ballgame at Petco Park. His love for the Padres goes deeper than watching his team play. Price has a wonderful collection of Padres bobble heads and memorabilia.

Chicken Friars: How many total bobble heads do you have?

Willie Price: Nine

Courtesy: Willie Price

Chicken Friars: When did you start collecting and why?

Willie Price: I actually started when I was a kid and had a Pete Rose and Johnny Bench bobble heads in the late 70s.

Chicken Friars: What’s your most prized bobble head?

Willie Price: I love the Chicken

Chicken Friars: What is it about bobble heads that you like so much?

Willie Price: I don’t think it is so much the bobble heads as much as just being some sports memorabilia

Chicken Friars: Do you have any Chargers bobble heads?

Willie Price: No, but I do have a McFarlain (?) LaDanian Tomlinson Rookie figurine still in the original packaging.

Chicken Friars: What other Padres memorabilia do you have?

Willie Price: I have four batting helmets (Brown/Yellow; Brown/Orange; Blue/Orange; Blue/White), a signed 1984 Tony Gwynn HOF jersey, Maybin, Hoffman, Peavy jerseys, signed baseballs by Heath Bell, Mike Adams, Luke Gregorson, Clayton Richard, Jon Garland, a ball signed by members of the 1986 (maybe) Padres with Bruce Bochy, Bip Roberts, Craig Lefferts and others, a TBS MLB ball signed by Tony Gwynn with HOF 07, two regular Tony Gwynn balls, pennants, car stickers, Tony Gwynn Russian Nesting Dolls, a Khalil Greene figurine, a Tony Gwynn figurine (the one that looks like Frank Thomas), Adrian Gonzalez figurine, Qualcomm Stadium and ticket from Final Game at the Q, Trevor Hoffman 51 retirement poster, Ryan Klesko poster, Tony Gwynn baseball cards, drinking glasses, coasters…

Chicken Friars: Why do you love the Padres so much?

Willie Price: I was born and raised in Oceanside and grew up going to and listening to the Padres.  I also played baseball from little league to one year in college, so I still pretty much sleep, eat, breathe baseball

Chicken Friars: What’s one bobble head or piece of memorabilia you don’t have yet, but would like to have?

Willie Price: I would like a 1998 blue alternate Ken Caminiti jersey

Chicken Friars: Where do  you store these bobble heads?

Willie Price: Most of my bobble heads are on display at work, others are in their original boxes in a box in my garage until I can find a place to put them in my house

Chicken Friars:Name me all of your bobble heads Bobble Heads.

Willie Price: I have are Buddy Black, Chase Headley, Everth Cabrera, Kyle Blanks, Clayton Richard, David Eckstein, Randy Jones, Dave Winfield, The Chicken.

Chicken Friars: Are you bummed that the Padres don’t have more bobble head promotional nights?

Willie Price: I’m just bummed they don’t have a better/more promotional schedule period.  The ones they do have this year are kinda lame.

Chicken Friars: Which Padres player (past or present)  who hasn’t had a bobble head, would you like to see with one?

Willie Price:Terry Kennedy, Alan Wiggins, Roberto Alomar

Chicken Friars: Would you ever consider selling your collection?

Willie Price: No

Chicken Friars: Where do you find bobble heads to purchase?

Willie Price: I haven’t purchased any. (They were all give-aways)

Chicken Friars:How many of your bobble heads where promotional giveaways?

Willie Price: All of them