Closer Look At Petco Park Fences


A first hand look at the work in progress at Petco Park to move in the fences.  The following were captured during the Fanfest weekend.  With Spring Training underway already, one wonders if the fence upgrade work should be accelerated, with opening day only a few months away now.  From the right field perspective, you can see construction around the “right field porch” and it appears that the short edge of the porch is being extended for the length of right field.  The right field visiting team bullpen is being moved underneath our bullpen in center field.  For comparison, design and planning pictures from the Padres main site are attached.  It appears that the new area created by the fences will be converted into common or standing room only area.  The overall height of the fence is also expected to be lower, which could give way to more fan experience as outfielders can rob prospective home runs.