Concerning Chase Headley


Chase Headley. Chase Headley. Chase Headley… What do the padres do with you?  To extend (your contract)?  Or not to extend? That is the question. (Shakespeare. I’m real smart).

Headley is seeking a contact similar to David Wright’s, 8 year / $138 Million deal. That’s a big contract but I think Headley deserves it….maybe.

However, the Padres won’t sign Headley to this kind of contract.

They can’t.  They won’t. They shan’t.

Surely, the agent for Mr. Headley doesn’t expect his client to sign an absurd David Wight deal. Well, lets make silly arguments for each side of Headley/Padres contract comparison:

The matchup:

Chase Headley (AKA, Hendricks Sports Mgmt.)  V  David Wright (AKA, The Padres):

The Arguments:

HENDRICKS SPORTS MGMT (This is Headley’s Agent):

Chase Headley is 2 years younger that David Wright and he hit 31 home runs last season while playing half his games in Petco-freaking-park.  Headley plays above-average defense and if he were to go to a neutral park, he would CRUSH IT.  If the Padres give him an extension, he will not only reproduce his numbers from last year but he will surpass them, because the fences at Petco are coming in. PAY THE MAN!


David Wright has a career OPS more than 100 points above Chase Headley. David Wright has a career HR rate (per at-bat) of 4.2%. Headley, only 2.7%.  (David Wright hits 36% more home runs per at-bat than does Headley). Defensively, David Wright is CRAZY-GOOD; 15.4 UZR!!!!  David Wright plays in New York City.   Headley plays where? I forget?

Who wins?