Dave Roberts and Nick Hundley Spotted at SDSU Basketball Game


Guess who was spotted at last night’s New Mexico- San Diego State men’s basketball game? If you guessed Padres catcher Nick Hundley and first base coach Dave Roberts then you win the $1 million prize. Ok, there really isn’t a prize but it is nice to dream of giving away a million bucks. By the way, SDSU killed No.15 UNM 55-34.

Here is an excerpt from Yahoo News about their appearance:

"Running back Ronnie Hillman of the Denver Broncos, who played college football at San Diego State, attended the game along with catcher Nick Hundley and first base coach Dave Roberts of the San Diego Padres. …”"

Nick Hundley (Middle) and Dave Roberts (right) at SDSU basketball game

So Dave Roberts was a member of the UCLA Baseball team and Nick Hundley went to the University of Arizona.

Why are they at a SDSU game then?

Maybe they are just showing the local team some love. I know Roberts was born and raised in San Diego so he is probably showing support for his home town team. Perhaps Hundley just wanted to watch a good game.

Go Aztecs! I believe that we will win!