Construction Photos of Petco Park Shown on San Diego Union-Tribune Website


I know it sounds a bit odd, but I would have to say that the Padres’ biggest offseason move has been a literal one thus far.  Don’t believe me?  Well, as we all know, the Friars have not been “movers & shakers” in the Trade & Free Agent market over the offseason’s first three months.  But in spite of the fact that the 2012-2013 moves have not happened from a “roster standpoint,” the Padres’ home ball-park has undergone some recent changes.

Parts of Petco’s fences will be moved in this season. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Back in late October it was revealed that work would begin this offseason at San Diego’s Petco Park to bring in portions of the ball-park’s fences, and the movement of the Visiting Bullpen from Right-Field foul area to behind the Padres’ Bullpen in Left-Center Field.

This move of course made many Friars fans, including myself, extremely happy to see some of the stadium’s cavernous dimensions altered.  While I have never been an advocate of smaller “band-box” parks, Petco’s Pitcher-friendliness and cavernous nature were a bit too much for my taste.

But why I am I bringing the Padres’ recent decision to alter the stadium up right now?  Well, as the title states, a photo gallery is now up on the San Diego Union-Tribune’s website of the current construction process and the different areas of the park receiving make-overs.  The link for the gallery is right here, so if you have some time to take a quick look, it is definitely worth it.

I for one cannot wait to see what the ball-park looks like when the construction process is finished, and I certainly am interested to see whether or not the new dimensions are in fact “Hitter-Friendlier” than the old ones.