Jody Gerut Helping Athletes To Not Go Broke


Jody Gerut is a smart dude. He has a degree in History from one of the most prestigious universities on the West Coast at Stanford University.

As a hobby, the guy would spend his time studying the world financial markets, and even go on and start an investment fund to boot.

So when Gerut retired from baseball in 2011, you knew he was poised to make a difference in the world, and be one of those rare athletes to actually retire with money in his bank account.

Turns out he is doing both.

According to an article by Anthony Castrovince of, the former Padres outfielder is on a mission to protect players’ finances.

He is working with the Wasserman Media group as an agent to help educate athletes, particularly Latin Americans on managing their money.

It is nice to see Gerut doing good things away from baseball.

Time and time again we hear the sad tale of our favorite athletes going bankrupt and diminshing their legacy by sticking around the game longer than they should have for that paycheck.

Hopefully Gerut can help put an end to athletes going broke and restoring some legacies.