Everth Cabrera On Advertisement For Padres Gift Certificates


Courtesy: Robert Moreno

I found the above advertisement for Padres gift certificates at my local Westfield mall. This is in no means a plug for you to  buy Padres gift certificates, but if you’re interested, Padres gift certificates are available at the concierge located at your nearest San Diego Westfield mall.

What I found interesting is how Everth Cabrera is on the advertisement. He clearly isn’t “The Face of the Franchise.” We all know that is Chase Headley, so why wouldn’t the Padres market their most valuable player to their fans?

The mall that I go to  (where I found this advertisement) is predominantly Hispanic, so I guess it would make sense to have Cabrera as the poster boy for the Hispanic demographic. But in my mind, Yonder Alonso and/or Jesus Guzman would have probably been a better alternative, but who knows.

I don’t want to make to much out of this sign, I just thought maybe the Padres could have had a better representative for the advertisement. Nothing against Cabrera, I think he is a nice ball player who is starting to make an impact. But when your best player led the National League in RBIs with 115 and slugged 31 home runs, why wouldn’t you market him to your fans?