Cody Decker Is The Freaking Man


Padres prospect Cody Decker is one of my favorite players in the Padres organization. While never considered a top prospect, the guy has done nothing but rake in his professional career. Plus, he is one of the best follows on Twitter. He seemingly finds a way to make me chuckle each time I log on.

A baseball writer  named Rich Wilson for a site called did a write-up about the Padres top prospects. It is actually a very good read, but one of the readers posed a question about Decker. The author had this response:

Cody Decker — Baseball Card. From Personal Files. Kevin Charity

“Cody will be 26 next year and struggled in AAA before moving back to AA where he hit for a lot of power. Not a physical specimen at 5-foot-11 and 240ish but has a highly leveraged swing that when he makes contact, goes a long way. Bat speed is really slow though and he struggles against breaking pitches. Right-handed 1B really need to hit and he doesn’t. Poor man’s Matt Adams??? Not really a prospect for me but could be an extra bat off the bench in the big leagues. Statistical profile is similar to Sands but I like Sands bat better. Mind you, I don’t see Jerry Sands as a regular big league outfielder, but I put him a notch above Decker.”

The story made its way to Cody and he had this brilliant retort:

“Wait wait wait….. 240ish?!…. I’ve never weighed more than 225… I weigh 217…… Have you ever even seen me?….. Would you like a shirtless photo…. Good lord…. I have poor bat speed, now?”

Haha. Classic. Now it was not like Wilson flat-out insulted the guy, but naturally he backed off in the comments.

Decker may not be your classic prospect and features a body similar to mine, but these are the kind of I cheer for. With a few injuries, Decker could see San Diego in 2013. I always root for the anti-hero.