Padres Wish Fans A “Season’s Greetings”


The Padres always show their support for their faithful and beloved fans. So in showing their appreciation this holiday season, the Padres released a 36 second “Season’s Greetings” video for us, the fans.

While the video is nicely produced and a nice gesture, a video is the last thing I want from the Padres to celebrate the holidays. How about instead signing Chase Headley to a contract extension or acquiring a big-named player in free agency or through trade.

Showing a commitment to winning by bringing in elite players to play for the Friars is a way to wish me and I’m sure many Padres fans a “Season’s Greetings.”

Neither of which the Padres have done this off-season.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, or would just like to see it again, just click on the link below: