An Interview With Shawn Chatfield


I recently sat down with a member of local Internet legends Mega 64, and avid Padres fan, Shawn Chatfield. I asked him a few questions about this last Padres season, his memories of growing up a Padres fan and if he likes where the team is headed. Enjoy!

Shawn Chatfield taking some time to sign some balls.

DM: Mega 64 has a pretty hectic filming and appearance schedule, did you get a chance to make it out to any games this season?

SC: Yes, I went to 6 games this season. We won one of them.

DM: You seem like a lucky charm, yikes! (pull collar to the side) What’s been your overall feeling about the Padres this season? Do you like what’s happening? Do you hate it? Or like a lot of Padres fans at this point: Do you care?

SC: It started off as an embarrassment and I hated it. As the season went on we made some good moves and our players started living up to their potential. Now I’m excited about next season, assuming that we keep basically the same team.

DM: What’s your feeling on the TV problem? Do you get games? 

SC: I get the games at home, but it’s annoying to me that I can’t watch them when I go out to a bar or restaurant. This is San Diego, I should be able to watch the Padres at a bar.

DM: Drinking does help watch this team, sometimes. You grew up in San Diego, so what was your favorite Padres team of all time?

SC: My favorite team was the 1998 Padres, that was the age when I finally had enough money to go to games consistently. I went to 20-30 games that season.

DM: Maybe a cheesy question, but who was your favorite player?

SC: I feel like the obvious answer for favorite player is Tony Gwynn, but Steve Finley is a close second.

DM: So, how’d you take it when Steve Finley left?

SC: I was sad, especially because he left right after the 1998 season. It was a realization that we probably wouldn’t be going back to the post season [anytime soon].

DM: Least favorite player?

SC: I hated Scott Linebrink because he would always blow games for us and I would have to listen to his stupid ass country songs all the time.

DM: (laughs) Have you heard Tim Flannery’s music?

SC: I have heard Tim Flannery’s music and it’s leagues above Scott Linebrink’s.

DM: (laughs) If you could be the GM of the team, what would be some moves you’d make? Let’s say you could move payroll up to $70 million a year?

SC: Get Adrian Gonzalez and Jake Peavy back. I’d try to get a couple big name players to help out our younger players like Cameron Maybin.

DM: Would you move the fences in? Do you honestly think it would make a difference?

SC: I would not move the fences in because I think it would hurt us more often than it would help us. Our team right now isn’t a power team.

DM: Do you think moving the fences in would help entice power hitters to sign in San Diego?

SC: I think moving the fences in would entice more power hitters but it might make pitchers more hesitant to want to play here.

DM: You’ve had a lot of Baseball experiences growing up, as most young fans do, but what’s your favorite Baseball-related memory?

SC: I caught a home run ball hit by Ken Griffey Jr. When he hit it the guy right next to me yelled, “It’s coming right to you kid.” I caught it and everyone cheered. It may have been just batting practice, but it was still awesome.

DM: As a new Father, do you want your kids to love Baseball, or will it matter?

SC: I would like them to love baseball. I love taking them to the games and I can’t wait to start playing real games of catch with them.

DM: What would happen if any of your kids became huge soccer fans? Could you live with that?

SC: The only problem I have with soccer in that the games often end in ties and the players are always taking dives. Besides that I wouldn’t really care.

DM: We’ll see how ya feel about that in twelve years. 

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