Chicken Friars Grades The 2012 Padres


At the halfway point of the season, the good folks at Chicken Friars got together and analyzed how the Padres performed in the first half of 2012. Read our mid-season grades here. Now that the Padres’ season is officially in the books, it is time to analyze and turn in our grades for the entire 162 games.

Next to the category listed is the average Chicken Friar grade, with individual grades listed after quotes.

Padres in the dugout. Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE

Here is how the Chicken Friars staff graded the 2012 Padres:

  • Offense: C+

“Chase Headley. Chase Headley. And some more Chase Headley. Headley alone could have gave  the Padres an A in this category, unfortunately I have to grade the whole offense from one through nine. The offense had been inconsistently good all year. It would have been interesting to see how good this offense would have been with a healthy Carlos Quentin playing more than 86 games.” – Robert Moreno, Co-Editor, Grade: C

“After what can only be described as an “awful” start to the 2012 season, Hitting Coaches Phil Plantier & Alonzo Powell must have got through to their players because the Friars’ bats came alive over the last few months.  It was a fine year for Chase Headley as the Third Baseman led the team and the National League in RBI’s with 115 (.286 BA, 31 2B’s and 31 HR’s).  Although he was hurt for bits and pieces of the year, Carlos Quentin supplied some much-needed power (16 Home Runs), and Rookies Yonder Alonso (.273, 39 2B’s, 9 HR’s, 62 RBI’s) and Yasmani Grandal (.297, 8 HR’s, 36 RBI’s) appear to have their respective positions nailed down for years to come.  This team’s stats were not necessarily amazing in 2012 (22nd in BA .246, 26th in Runs 644, and 26th in SLG Pct .378).  Yet as I stated before, improvements were evident from each and every hitter during the last three months, and next season could see a more potent Padres Offense.” – Dom di Tolla, Staff Writer, Grade: C

“No one stares down the Padres lineup and gets wobbly in the ‘ol knees, but Headley has been out of his mind, Grandal is maturing into an actual hitter and Alonso gets better with every AB. Next season this grade could move to an A, just need to see some more power.” – Dallas McLaughlin, Staff Writer, Grade: B

  • Bench Play: B

“Chris Denorfia. Mark Kotsay. You’re welcome.” – Dallas McLaughlin, Staff Writer, Grade: B+

“I was pleasantly surprised by the production the Padres got out of their bench this season.  From the platoon in Right Field of Chris Denorfia (.293 BA, 8 HR’s 36 RBI’s) and Will Venable (.264 BA, 9 HR’s, 45 RBI’s), John Baker (63 Games) picking up the slack behind the plate, Jesus Guzman (18 2B’s, 9 HR’s, 48 RBI’s in 120 Games) and Alexi Amarista (15 2B’s, 5 3B’s, 5 HR’s, 32 RBI’s in 105 Games) filling in whenever and wherever they were needed, and Mark Kotsay logging some important pinch-hits in 143 At-Bats, the bench held their own this year and gives the Padres some depth heading into next year.”-  Dom di Tolla, Staff Writer, Grade: B+/A

“I was surprised with how well the bench performed this season. This was definitely one of the Padres strengths all year. Jesus Guzman, Mark Kotsay and Chris Denorfia delivered when there name was called upon.” – Robert Moreno, Co-Editor, Grade: B

  • Defense: C+

“The Padres had a difficult year when it came to committing Errors as they ranked 2nd in most Errors committed with 121 in 162 games played.  Headley performed well however (2nd among NL 3rd Basemen in Fielding Percentage .976 and most Assists 314 in MLB), and Cameron Maybin as well as Denorfia (4 Errors combined) did a fine job in Centerfield for the Friars.  Work must be done however, and in spite of some late season improvements, the Padres will need to figure out their Middle Infield situation.” – Dom di Tolla, Staff Writer, Grade: C

“Saying goodbye to Orlando Hudson and Jason Bartlett drastically improved the defense. Logan Forsythe and Everth Cabrera provided much needed range up the middle , and Cameron Maybin continued his throng of highlights in center field. As the season went on, the defense improved.” – Robert Moreno, Co-Editor, Grade: B

“They’re far from the worst defensive team in Baseball, but they’re not near the top. Quentin lumbers around and Headley still makes some questionable decisions at 3rd.” –  Dallas McLaughlin, Staff Writer, Grade: B-

  • Starting Pitching: C

“The starting staff lacked a true ace, but Clayton Richard and Edinson Volquez managed to hold their own.  The Padres starting pitching grade would have been much higher if Kip Wells and Ross Ohlenderof weren’t a part of it.” – Robert Moreno, Co-Editor, Grade: C-

“I’m not sure I can grade 800 different starting pitchers.”- Dallas McLaughlin, Staff Writer, Grade: N/A

“Beset by injuries all season long, this group pressed on and some bright spots were seen amongst the year-long storm.  Clayton Richard (14-14, 218.2 IP, 3.99 ERA, 107 K’s) and Edinson Volquez (11-11, 182.2 IP, 4.14 ERA, 174 K’s) held this rotation together, and Eric Stults (8-3, 92.1 IP, 2.92 ERA, 51 K’s) really came through towards the end of the year.  It was a shame to see so many players go down like Cory Luebke and Joe Wieland, but this group did all it could and received some decent contributions from younger players down the stretch.”- Dom di Tolla, Staff Writer, Grade: C+

  • Bullpen: C+

“Huston Street (2-1, 23 Saves, 1.85 ERA) proved to be the team’s only All-Star, although he was hurt for most of the season.  Luke Gregerson (24 Holds, 9 Saves, 77 Games, 2-0 Record, 2.39 ERA) Dale Thayer (22 Holds, 7 Saves, 64 Games, 2-2 Record, 3.43 ERA), and a cavalcade of young and inexperienced players (Brad Brach, Brad Boxberger, Miles Mikolas, Nick Vincent, and Tom Layne) picked up the slack in the bullpen as the Padres pressed on through the season.”– Dom di Tolla, Staff Writer, Grade: B

“The relief core had more ups and downs than normal this season. Huston Street has been great and Dale Thayer was a pleasant surprise, but the rest of the crew never felt consistent.”– Dallas McLaughlin, Staff Writer, Grade: B

” I was disappointed  in the relief corp. Other than Luke Gregerson no one stood out. Huston Street was reliable (when he wasn’t injured) and Brad Brach showed some promise though he was susceptible to give up the long ball. The bull pen was young and I expect them to bounce back in 2013.” – Robert Moreno, Co-Editor, Grade: C-

  • Managing: B

“I came down hard on Bud Black this year and will continue to do so until I see that he can manage a big game situation. So far he’s left me wanting some more. I will give him kudos for the second half surge.” – Dallas McLaughlin, Staff Writer, Grade: B+

“When one considers the absolute “casserole of madness” Bud Black and the Coaching Staff have had to deal with this season, one gains a bit more appreciation for how this group pressed on.  From the awful first three months, to the entire season filled with injuries, to the death of Bullpen Coach Darrel Ackerfelds, 2012 was not kind to the Friars.  Nevertheless, for this team to win 76 Games with so much inexperience and roster turmoil has been a solid feat and hopes for improvement are on the horizon.” – Dom di Tolla, Staff Writer, Grade: B

“Bud Black did the best he can with the roster that was giving to  him. Buddy is the perfect manager for the players. He teaches players instead of scolding them and he gives everyone in the ball club a fair opportunity.” – Robert Moreno, Co-Editor, Grade: B+

  • Josh Byrnes: A-

“Not trading Chase Headley getas an automatic A+ in my book. Other A+ worthy moves he’s made was releasing both Orlando Hudson and Jason Bartlett. With more payroll flexibility going  into next seatson, I can’t wait to see who Byrnes’ next acquisition will be.  – Robert Moreno, Co-Editor, Grade: A+

“I have to credit Byrnes as he dealt for two of the franchise’s centerpieces in Grandal and Alonso.  The additions of Boxberger, the steady backup Baker, and the find of Stults off of the scrap heap were solid moves as well.  He resisted the urge to unload veterans, and made a really smart decision to hold on to Headley.  If Cashner can stay healthy, the trading of Rizzo will really pay off as well.  Solid first steps as a G.M..” – Dom di Tolla, Staff Writer, Grade: B

“My lone A goes to Josh Byrnes. He’s been a breath of fresh air and so far I’ve agreed with every single decision he’s made. Extensions, trades and promotions. As I just recently wrote – he’s bringing back the swagger.” – Dallas McLaughlin, Staff Writer, Grade: A

This wraps-up our 2012 Padres grades, please feel free to send us your grades in the comment box below.