Cameron Maybin Has Been on Hot Streak for Padres


Like most of his other teammates, Cameron Maybin got off to a ridiculously rocky start at the plate this season.  Unlike some of his other teammates however, Maybin’s struggles at the plate continued through the summer and deep into August.  Some, including this writer, believed that a stint in Triple-A Tucson could do Maybin some good to get back on track.  It was a bit of a shame when one considered that Maybin was given a 5-year contract extension before the season began, and certainly appeared to be the team’s answer in Centerfield for years to come after his solid 2011 season.

Maybin has really done well over the last month and a half. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE

Everything  it seemed hit rock-bottom statistically for Maybin around August 18th of this year though.  Through 110 games, Maybin carried only a .211 Batting Average, a .287 On-Base Percentage, and a .316 Slugging Percentage.  In addition, Maybin had only accumulated 23 Extra-Base Hits (13 Doubles, 4 Triples, 6 Home Runs), logged 37 RBI’s, and Walked only 37 times compared to the 87 times he had Struck Out.  The Friars’ Centerfielder however has rallied since that 0 for 3 performance on August 18th, and has been on an absolute tear at the plate ever since.  During Maybin’s last 31 games and last 114 At-Bats (entering Thursday night), he has put up some astounding numbers:

.377 Batting Average, .408 On-Base Percentage, .482 Slugging Percentage, .981 OPS,  9 Extra Base Hits (7 Doubles, 1 Triple, 1 Home Runs), logged 9 RBI’s, Scored 16 Runs, and best of all, 6 Walks compared to 17 Strikeouts.

This hot-streak not only elevated Maybin’s Batting Average .039 points from .211 to .250, it also increased his On-Base Percentage .027 points, and his Slugging Percentage by .039!  Granted, the rises might not appear to be huge.  Yet when one considers how many games have already been played, statistical spikes like that are pretty astounding.

Final Thoughts

Maybin has the perfect combination of speed and agility to man the spacious Outfield in Petco Park.  If Maybin he can just find a way to hit with some consistency over the course of an entire year, the Padres would be in great shape not only in the field, but in their batting order as well.  In terms of where Maybin can do the most damage as a hitter, the 7th or 8th spots would be the best places to put someone with his speed, and great places to put a player with a little bit of power behind the “big guns.”  Plus, his speed can even come in handy at either the Leadoff or 2nd spot in the batting order if Maybin is able to reach base with consistency.  Maybin has flashed his potential so many times during his career with this franchise that I am hoping when he “finally puts everything together,” he does it in a Padres uniform.  I tip my cap to Maybin for his late-season efforts, and he has been a big reason why the team has done so well down the stretch.

Stats Courtesy of: Baseball Reference