Adrian Gonzalez Is Back In The NL West


I laughed when I heard that the Dodgers claimed Adrian Gonzalez on trade waivers. Once the calendar turns to August, almost every baseball player is placed on waivers. Most players are pulled back by their respective teams, and big name players are rarely moved. Boy, was I wrong.

The Dodgers and the Red Sox completed one of the biggest trades in MLB history. The Dodgers acquired Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, Josh Beckett and Nick Punto. The Red Sox received James Loney, 3 prospects and a boatload of salary relief. The Dodgers are taking on over $250 million in contracts.

When the Padres traded away Gonzalez prior to the 2011 season, I was not surprised. We all knew that the Padres could not feasibility pay Gonzalez the money that he was worth in the open market. Gonzalez was not interested in playing for a “San Diego discount” and I cannot say I can blame him. Fans always like to complain that players are all about the money, but I highly doubt any of us would turn down a raise to do the same job we currently have. Get real, folks.

Boston was a good destination for Gonzalez. Its a great hitters park, and I could admire his talents from afar. Well, now I have to root against mighty Adrian, something that seems weird to me.

Gonzalez will be the first baseman of the Padres most bitter rival until 2018. That means Padres fans will be forced to see Adrian 19 times a year, and the Dodgers are poised to be very good for the majority of those years. Their lineup is scary, and could become insane if Carl Crawford returns to form.

I am sure most Padres fans feel sick to their stomach. Many view Adrian as the superstar that got away. A local kid who grew into the best Padres player since Tony Gwynn. He moved on to greener pastures. I will admit it will be a weird experience to see Adrian in Dodger blue. Do not blame him. Blame the Red Sox.