Padre Killer – Carlos Lee


At the start of each series, we at Chicken Friars will zero in on an opposing player known to be a “Padre Killer.” No matter the day, time or place, this player is known to be a one-man wrecking crew when it comes to playing against the San Diego Padres.

In this column, I will analyze that player’s statistics against the Friars and try to offer some insight into how not to let that player beat our beloved team..

The Padres opened up the second half of the season playing winning baseball. That was until they went to San Francisco to play the N.L. West leading Giants, who took the three game series, and proved why they are the division leaders.

The Padres will now have to put the series lost behind them and move forward as they will make their first appearance at the new Marlins Park for a three game set against the Miami Marlins.

Getting in the Padres way stands a familiar face. He is the 6’2 270 pound first baseman known as El Caballo or Carlos Lee.

Yes, the same Carlos Lee who was featured as a Padre Killer when the Padres played the Houston Astros. Lee was traded to the Marlins on July 5, but I’m sure the results he puts up against the Padres are the same, no matter what team he plays for .  Once a Padre Killer always a Padre Killer.

Here is how Carlos Lee destructs the Padres:

Lee is not fairing well at his new home though. In 10 games at Marlins Park, Lee has a .225 average with zero home runs and six RBI. The Padres need to capitalize on that.

Although Lee is a Padre Killer he is not the most dangerous player in the Marlins lineup. That being said, I’d go after Lee and try to make him beat me. Lee is much older now and isn’t the same ballplayer he once was. The Marlins are a mess and are a big disappointment. The Padres can tie up Lee with fastballs high and inside.