Chris Snyder – Padre Killer


At the start of each series, we at Chicken Friars will zero in on an opposing player known to be a “Padre Killer.” No matter the day, time or place, this player is known to be a one-man wrecking crew when it comes to playing against the San Diego Padres.

In this column, I will analyze that player’s statistics against the Friars and try to offer some insight on how not to let that player beat our beloved team. 

The Padres are on a roll.  Not only did the Padres manage to knock the Los Angeles Dodgers out of first place in the National League West in their most recent series, but they are also 6-4 in their last 10 games.

Now, the Padres will look to continue their winning ways as they take on the inferior Houston Astros in a four game series at PetcoPark.

With the trade of Carlos Lee to the Miami Marlins it was hard to come up with a Padre Killer for the baby Astros.

Although Astros catcher Chris Snyder doesn’t posses Padre Killer type numbers, he has played against the Padres more than any other Astros player. His familiarity against the Padres makes him a Padre Killer.

Since he doesn’t have the numbers to kill the Padres, I’d go ahead and challenge him. Make Snyder hit the Padres’ best pitch. I would imagine if he did hit it, it wouldn’t go far. Now, I hope Snyder doesn’t read these comments and gets mad because we don’t need him to start hitting the ball.

Statistics Courtesy of: Baseball Reference