Matt Kemp – Padre Killer


At the start of each series, we at Chicken Friars will zero in on an opposing player known to be a “Padre Killer.” No matter the day, time or place, this player is known to be a one-man wrecking crew when it comes to playing against the San Diego Padres.

In this column, I will analyze that player’s statistics against the Friars and try to offer some insight on how not to let that player beat our beloved team. 

The Padres kick off the second half of the Major League Baseball season today against the National League West leading Los Angeles Dodgers. So if the Padres are even thinking about making a serious run at the division crown, now is the time to do so.

A series win could put the Padres back into the divisional race, but a series lost will easily knock them out of contention for good.

Trying to put the Padres’ season to rest will be the Dodgers’ superstar and runner-up to the 2011 MVP, Matt Kemp.

Kemp has a long history of always getting the best of the Padres.  The All-Star center fielder is a Padre Killer.

Here is proof:

The series will be played at Dodger Stadium where Kemp owns a .295 batting average with 80 home runs and 292 RBI in just 417 games played.

To Kemp it doesn’t matter where the game is played as long as the team he is playing saysSan Diego across the jersey.

Matt Kemp is beatable, maybe more now than ever as he is fighting off a recurring hamstring injury that has placed him on the disabled list twice this season. If I were the Padres, I’d pitch Kemp hard and inside. Make Kemp use those hamstrings and see what he can do. While a healthy Kemp is one of the best players in all of baseball, the Padres just better hope he isn’t half as good injured.

Statistics Courtesy of: Baseball Reference