Seth Smith – Padre Killer


The Padres claimed their first interleague series win after sweeping the Seattle Mariners. The Friars will look to build off of that momentum as they travel to The Coliseum to play the “Money Ball”-themed Oakland Athletics.

With all eyes placed on the much-hyped and perhaps most talked about outfielder during the off-season in Yoenis Cespedes, the Padres will have to pay attention to another outfielder too.

The young Cuban phenom mesmerizes fans and players alike with his style of play, but he has never played the Padres before. However, Seth Smith has and he is a Padre killer.

His statistics versus the Padres may seem average at best, but Smith has caused a lot of destruction, often times getting the game-winning hit or igniting a rally.  Every time the Rockies would beat the Padres, Smith would always be in the middle of it.

I will probably regret this, but I feel the best way to not have Smith beat the Pads is simply by challenging him. The Padres’ pitchers need to throw Smith their best pitch and see what he can do with it. I’m banking on the fact that Smith is now on a different team so that will produce a different result. Plus the A’s lineup is nowhere near as potent as the Rockies was.