How Low Can They Go? Padres On Pace To Set Team Records for Offensive Futility


Cavernous Ball-Park, New Hitting Coaches, Ocean Air, Injuries, Lack of Depth in the Lineup, Lack of Quality Talent Overall, etc..  Whichever excuse or combination of the aforementioned excuses you the readers choose to use as the reason(s) for the Padres’ woes at the plate in 2012, you are probably right on the money.  Yet as poor as San Diego’s Offenses have seemed to perform over the last decade or so, 2012 might just take the cake for futility from a production standpoint.  In fact, after I did a spot of research and some calculations, I have found that the 2012 Padres are on pace to set or threaten to break numerous Offensive team records.  Don’t believe me?  Let’s take a look shall we:

After the first 49 games, I have found that 30.2% (rounding down) of the season (162 Games) has already passed.  Using San Diego’s current stats, I have calculated what the Padres’ final statistical output (through game 162) in some specific Offensive categories will be if they maintain their current pace of production, or lackthereof.  So, let’s take a look at how much the Friars have suffered this season at the plate, and what records they are in danger of setting if they continue to perform at their current pace:

(Note: I have rounded each projected statistical decimal up to the nearest number)

Strikeouts (Team)

2012 Total Through 49 Games: 388

2012 Projected Total: 1285

Team Record-High: 1273 (2001)

Home Runs

2012 Total Through 49 Games: 18

2012 Projected Total: 60

Team Record-Low: 64 (1976)

Total Bases

2012 Total Through 49 Games: 517

2012 Projected Total: 1712

Team Record-Low: 1713 (2001)


2012 Total Through 49 Games: 349

2012 Projected Total: 1156

Team Record-Low: 1181 (1972)

Total At-Bats

2012 Total Through 49 Games: 1570

2012 Projected Total: 5199

Team Record-Low: 5213

I figured that I would also chart where the Padres’ collective Batting Average and Slugging Percentage are compared to the franchise record lows.

Batting Average

2012 Total Through 49 Games: .222

Team Record-Low: .225 (1969)

Slugging Percentage

2012 Total Through 49 Games: .329

Team Record-Low: .329 (1969)

Final Thoughts

First off, I am in no way rooting for the Padres to continue their futility, and hate to have it seem like I have a “Negative-Nancy” attitude.  In fact, the only reason I started this piece is because I was curious as to how this current Padres team stacked up against some of the franchise’s less-than stellar outfits, I had no idea they would be on pace to be this anemic.  I mean, I had my expectations set relatively low for this club’s Offense in 2012, but what they are doing as a whole right now is ridiculous.  Sure, we can play the blame game all we want to right now as to what is the reason for the Padres’ Offensive issues, but as it stands, San Diego on the whole just cannot get anything done at the plate as a team.  I hope none of these dubious team records are actually set this season, because it would be a downright shame.  I will keep my fingers crossed that this team’s bats can heat up in the coming months. because the way it is looking right now, this team has nowhere to go but up in regards to their production at the plate.

Statistics Courtesy of: Padres Team Page and Season Records Page

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