Move the Fences or Don’t Move the Fences, Padres Fans Reactions


The topic is getting old, but since it’s part of the Padres culture, it’s something we have to cover.  The fences at

Petco may be moved this offseason.  Depending on who you believe, it’s either a done deal or just being talked about.  No matter the case, the people of San Diego, and fans of the Padres around the country certainly have no shortage of opinions about this topic.

In a recent San Diego Union Tribune article about Sandy Alderson’s moving of the Citi Field fences in New York, many comparisons are made to San Diego.  Of course Alderson was part of the Padres organization before moving on to the Mets.  He was also responsible for shaving 11 feet off the right-centerfield in the original fence move.

Rather than share more opinions from us here at Chicken Friars, I though it’d be interesting to share some of the comments the above reference Tribune article received and have you all vote on whether the fences should be moved or not.

The Padres community is clearly split on this topic, but just how split?  Let’s find out.