Padres promote Warren Miller


In an unexpected move, the Padres promoted Director of Media Relations Warren Miller to baseball operations,as reported by  Scott Miller, baseball writer.

The Padres’ front office website now lists Miller  as a Minor Leagues manager; however Miller’s official duties are still unknown.

Miller  declined an interview request with Chicken Friars, stating in an e-mail:

"“I am very flattered that you would ask,  but I will politely decline.   I never did interviews as a PR person and won’t certainly start now as a staffer in baseball ops/minor leagues.  But, I can’t thank you enough for asking.  “"

He also said in  he will reach out to Chicken Friars in a few weeks to give an update on his specific duties.

Not sure what this means, but I hope the move works out for both parities. I speculate this has to do with Tom Gafinkel filing a hole Jeff Moorad didn’t want to fill.