Orlando Hudson Rumors: Is He Now Safe With the Padres?


It was less than a week ago that Orlando Hudson hit the national media outlets, and not in a good way.  On April 21st, MLB Trade Rumors relayed news to the world that the Padres were ready to release Hudson.  The source of the news was from Scott Miller of CBS Sports.  It was a fair route for the Padres to take.  The fans do not like Hudson, he has not been performing, and the Padres did not get the player they thought they were signing.  Now, since the rumors broke, Hudson has given many a reason to pause before demanding his release.

In the four games since the rumors broke, Hudson has gone 5/14 with 2 runs and 1RBI.  He’s doubled, tripled, hit a

home run, and has played flawless defense.  For four games, Hudson has looked like the player the Padres and their fans wished he would be.  So as much criticism Hudson has received, it’s only fair to point out his success since April 21st.

Hudson has managed to get his batting average over the Mendoza Line and is hitting .206/.242/.381.  His line is far from the numbers many have come to expect from Hudson, but he has shown signs of life in the last week.  It may be enough to keep him off the hot seat for another few weeks.  However, another dip in production could see him without a team very quickly.

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