Chase Headley Could Be Padres Best/Only Option to Make All-Star Team in 2012


If I truly wanted to be a “Negative Nancy” today I would harp on the state of the Padres and some of the laughable yet sad moments which have happened to our Friars over the last couple of weeks (i.e.: 4 Walks to Lose Game & Triple Play in L.A., Getting Shut Out by Jamie Moyer, the 6th Inning Last Night or the double digit K’s, etc.).

But hey, you can only play the “woe as us” card so many times before it gets stale, and it’s been “woe as us” for the last 43 seasons.  So, I figured it would be nice to at least ignore the ridiculousness and misfortune surrounding the franchise right now, the likely 100-110 Losses this team will accumulate this season, and at least focus on something positive: the All-Star Game.

I am sure that many of you are saying: “All-Star Game talk?  Now?”  I understand it is a bit early to be involved in a discussion about the Midsummer Classic.  Still, after reading Corey Brock’s post on the Padres’ website about the eight Padres players on the ballot as well as information on voting for the game, I thought it would be nice to talk about really the only Padres player in particular with a shot of making it: Chase Headley.

Luckily for the Padres, as per the MLB rule, each of the 30 teams gets at least one player named to the All-Star Game every season.  That being said, with Heath Bell currently in Florida, it certainly looks like somebody on the Padres’ roster will be making their first Midsummer Classic appearance in Kansas City this season of the eight starters listed on the ballot, and that player is indeed Headley.

As of right now, Headley leads San Diego in almost every major Offensive category and is essentially unchallenged in each.  Granted, the Padres have had their share of troubles scoring Runs, but Headley deserves kudos thus far for at least producing on the most consistent basis when his number has been called so far this season (tip of the cap to super-sub Chris Denorfia and the also eligible Will Venable as well).

Entering last night, Chase led the team with a .292 Batting Average, 13 Hits 4 Home Runs, 5 Doubles, 12 RBI’s, 30 Total Bases, 11 Walks, posted a .652 Slugging Percentage, and led all starters with a 1.066 OPS and a .414 On Base Percentage.  Not the most awesome of statistics, but still a very high level of production for the Padres Third Baseman, and far and away the best stats on the team.  Plus you factor in that Headley has only one Error on the season at the hot corner, and you would be hard-pressed to find another player on the roster with those type of statistics.  Granted, there are still a couple more months to see whether or not the rest of the Padres’ eligible position players can improve.  But as of right now, Headley is far and away in the lead.

So get out there Padres fans and show your support for Headley and the rest of the eligible players!  Voting begins on Friday, and you can vote as many as 25 times on or the Padres team website until June 28th at 8:59 Pacific Time.

Statistics Courtesy of:’s Padres Team Page

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