Major League Baseball Releases Statement On Controversial Triple Play


Major League Baseball has released a statement regarding the controversial  fair/foul triple play in Sunday’s game. This release was posted on the U-T’s, Tim Sullivan’s Facebook page. The quote is attributed to Peter Woodfork, MLB’s Senior Vice President of Baseball Operations, who oversees umpiring:

"“After review and discussion with the umpire, we have determined that the call itself of a fair ball was correct. However, while making the call, there was an incorrect mechanic,… which appeared to confuseSan Diego’s base runners. At no time did the umpire verbally kill the play on the field. After reviewing the entire situation following the game, the umpire realizes his hands were in an exaggerated upward appearance similar to a call that would indicate a dead ball. While we all agree that it was a fair ball that did not hit the batter, the umpire recognizes that the proper mechanic was not executed as he tried to avoid the catcher.”"

I agree that the baseball did hit the bat of  Jesus Guzman , and that the ball also landed in fair territory. However, Dale Scott should know his signals. He has only been an umpire for 20 plus years. He robbed the Padres of a potentially big inning.