Tony Gwynn and Padres Reportedly Reach a One-Year Deal


According to Tom Krasovic of Inside the Padres, the team has reached an extension to keep Gwynn on as their television color analyst for at least another year. The details of the deal aren’t clear, but Krasovic indicates Gwynn will receive a raise.

The Padres Hall of Famer is still sidelined while recovering from surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from his cheek. The surgery required transplanting a shoulder nerve to Gwynn’s cheek. However, despite the risks, Geynn has been able to talk ever since waking up after surgery. Krasovic reported Gwynn’s voice as being strong.

While Dick Enberg and Mark Grant take the bulk of the television broadcast duties, Gwynn chips in about 30 games in between his head coaching responsibilities at San Diego State. His time and success as a player allows him to provide unique insight I to the game, and fans love it.

There is no word yet on when Gwynn will return to coaching or broadcasting.