Still No Contract Extension for Padres’ Cameron Maybin


It’s been an on and off conversation.  The Padres’ 2012 MVP Cameron Maybin is a top priority for the front office.  They want to get him signed to a long-term deal, and according to Maybin, the feeling is mutual.  However, the two sides have had difficulty reaching an agreement.

After the original contract negotiations were put on hold toward the end of last season, they picked back up this winter, only to be stopped again as Maybin sought out new representation.  Now, with a new agent in place, the team and Maybin have been working toward a long-term deal.

The Padres were the first team to truly give Maybin a full-time shot as a starter, and he understands that.  It seems the loyalty is there based on comments reported by Padres beat writer Corey Brock.

"It’s a situation where I would love to play here for years and years to come … especially since they gave me this opportunity.  These guys believe in me. Hopefully it all pans out. But San Diego is a place I would love to call home. It’s hard not to fall in love with the city, the ballpark and fans."

So far, the two sides have not reached a deal, but that has not deterred Maybin.  He said until a deal is done, he will continue focus on getting better and playing hard.  The Padres will continue negotiations through the spring and into the season as necessary.  Neither side has limited the talks or put any arbitrary deadlines on the negotiations.

Maybin, who has played for three teams including San Diego (Detroit, Florida, and San Diego), hit .264/.323/.393 with 40 stolen bases last season.  His offense will continue to improve, but the team has been impressed with his defensive abilities in center field.  With the size of Petco Park’s outfield, Maybin’s ability to cover a lot of ground in center is key to his success and the team’s success.

Maybin will not be arbitration eligible until 2013.  The Padres hope to buy-out those arbitration years with a new contract, but fortunately for the team, Maybin will not be a free agent until 2016.

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