Padres should hire David Eckstein


When David Eckstein officially announced his retirement from Major League Baseball a little over a month ago, there was no question that he would have a job in baseball.

But Eckstein, who has been living the good life somewhere in America, is managing the acting career of his wife, Amy Eckstein. Her voice can be heard as Ahsoka Tano on Cartoon Network’s hit series, “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.” While there is no doubt in my mind Eckstein is succeeding and enjoying his new career path, I think Eck should be in baseball, in particularly the Padres organization.

Eck would be a great hire for the organization because as a player he possessed many of the qualities coaches try to instill in their players.

Play the game hard; Eckstein did that. Focus on small ball; Eck was a pro. Provide a team with veteran leadership; Eckstein was the best in the game. And the list goes on…

Some things like heart can’t be taught. But who better to pass along some of these teachable traits than David Eckstein?

The scrappy 5’6” 170 pound second baseman/shortstop always played the game admirably. If he was able to inspire me to grab a bat and want to face a 94 MPH fastball, imagine how he can inspire ballplayers with talent.

After all, coaching is in Eckstein’s blood. His brother, Rick Eckstein, is entering his third season as the Washington Nationals’ hitting coach.  Rick has helped the Nationals’ hitters post 305 Home Runs and see 3.84 pitches per plate appearance over two seasons from 2009-10, the top 2-season totals in both categories since baseball returned to DC, according to his official bio page. That right there tells me that the Ecksteins are proven coaches.

David Eckstein also comes from a family of teachers, with his father being an elementary school teacher and his mother teaching high school history. Teaching and coaching go hand in hand, so Eckstein was built to be a coach.

More than anything, Eckstein is a winner. He has two World Series rings, one with the Anaheim Angels and the other with the St. Louis Cardinals. He is the 2006 World Series MVP, and a two-time all star. If he can win at the Major League League level, I know he can win as a coach.

Eckstein already manages his wife’s Star Wars career, why can’t he manage in the Padres organization? After all, the force is with him.