Orlando Hudson – Mystery Man

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He showed up to spring training early.  He’s loved in just about every other former city he’s played for.  He’s long been considered a clubhouse leader and a hard worker.  Yet, in San Diego, things are different.  He developed a bad reputation last season with some less than flattering press, and some less than flattering actions.  Orlando Hudson may be the victim of a 91-loss team, but he is also a victim of himself and his actions.

Last season, after tossing a ball into the stands with only two outs, he laughed about it in the post-game press conference.  He didn’t seem to care.  When Brad Hawpe was struggling last season Hudson came to how defense, but did so in a way that insulted the very people that allow him to have a job.  He told fans they were only good enough to mow his lawn as the fan criticism of the team continued.  It was a bad year publicly for Hudson.*  But, is that enough to erase the reputation he had built previously?