Another week falls off the calendar, and you know what that means right?  That means we..."/> Another week falls off the calendar, and you know what that means right?  That means we..."/>

Friday Recap: 2/11/12 – 2/17/12


Another week falls off the calendar, and you know what that means right?  That means we are exactly 15 days away from the first spring training game!  Baseball is here my friends.  Here’s a quick recap of our week in posts.

2/11/12 – We went live with our new look.  I personally love it, and I haven’t gotten any hate mail, so I assume you all love it too.

2/11/12 – Ernesto Frieri broke onto the season and lit it up when he first entered the Padres bullpen.  He had a strong year last year, but there have been signs that he may be regressing.  We took a look at which direction he may go in 2012.

2/11/12 – The Padres were ranked as having the number one farm system in all of baseball by Keith Law of ESPN.  High praise and deserved praise that we covered here.

2/12/12 – There’s been a lot of confusion and back and forth about the actual monetary numbers the Padres will be getting with the new Fox TV deal, but the bottom line is, they’ll be making more than they previously did.  We broke down the deal and how it will help in the long run.

2/12/12 – Coming out of FanFest was more than just fan excitement.  We got some actual news.  Andrew Cahsner made it known that he wants to start again and the Padres promised him the opportunity.

2/13/12 – A checklist preparing all Padres fans for the season is a necessity.  We took the liberty of providing you the checklist so you don’t have to think about it.

2/13/12 – In response to a San Diego Union Tribune article, we explained why the Padres are in fact “watchable.”

2/14/12 – On Valentine’s Day we showed our love of spring training baseball and predicted who may become the 2012 standouts this spring.

2/15/12 – 10 years ago, Mike Darr was killed in an accident while heading to Peoria for spring training.  We took a look back at that sad day and remembered Darr.

2/15/12 – With Linsanisty sweeping the basketball world, we took a look at why Jesus Guzman was the Padres version of Jeremy Lin in 2011.

2/15/12 – Unfortunately, Tony Gwynn’s cancer came back and he had to undergo surgery.  We brought you news of the cancer and the surgery.

2/16/12 – With center field and left field all but locked up,we took a look at the Padres options for right field.  There are three to four players all vying for time in right.

2/16/12 – Chase Headley has still not been locked in to a long-term deal, so we analyzed what it may cost the Padres if they do not buy out his arbitration years.

2/17/12 – In our series exploring Padres history, we have arrived at possibly the biggest part of the franchise’s identity.  We took a look back at Tony Gwynn’s debut with the Padres.

2/17/12 – Gary Carter’s passing shook the baseball world.  We examined his time playing against the Padres and how well he performed.

There you have it, another week in the books.  We look forward to bringing you more stories, news pieces, and analysis in the week to come.  We also look forward to March 4th and spring training baseball!