Friday Recap 2/4/12 – 2/10/12


Welcome to another Friday in the offseason.  What’s different about today is what today leads into.  Tomorrow is FanFest.  For this going, the autograph sessions, question and answer session, and Padres Garage Sale should provide hours of entertainment.  As for the team, this past week was a quiet one with the Padres making one surprising move.  They signed Jeff Suppan to a minor league deal.  Let’s recap the rest of the week.

2/4/12 – With Josh Hamilton’s alcohol relapse, we explored the parallel for the Padres.  Sean Burrough, a former Padres prospect, had similar struggles.

2/4/12 – Earlier this week, the Tucson Padres announced that their ballpark in Tucson would play host to a Padres spring training game.  We relayed the news that on March 18th the Padres will face off against the Rockies in Tucson.

2/4/12 – In an ESPN article by Christina Kahrl, the idea of more teams losing 100 games or more was explored.  The Padres were listed as having a 10% chance of losing at least 100 games.  We provided our thoughts on the matter.

2/5/12 – We took a trip back in time to explore the Padres when Ozzie Smith was a member.  The Hall of Famer didn’t spend long in San Diego, but he surely impacted the game as a whole.

2/6/12 – With the farm system ranking as one of the league’s best (we would later learn that Keith Law thinks it is THE best), we took a look at which prospects have the best shot at 2012 call-ups.

2/6/12 – The Tucson Padres may soon become the El Paso Padres (or some other name).  They almost certainly are not staying in Tucson, but we took a look at baseball in Tucson and the excitement of watching some top-level prospects make their way to the big league club.

2/6/12 – Robert Moreno analyzed the report that PETCO may serve as a launching pad for offseason economic development downtown.  He provided his thoughts and suggestions as to what may be a better focus.

2/7/12 – Mark Kotsay’s addition to the Padres may still be a head-scratcher to some, but this is the Padres’ third shot in the last three years of trying to build clubhouse leadership.

2/7/12 – Yasmani Grandal’s route to the big leagues is different from the vast majority of players.  His route to the states is different as well.  We looked back at Grandal’s life in Cuba, his move to the States, and his contributions both t the plate and behind the plate.

2/7/12 – The Padres announced a new dynamic ticket pricing system.  As we discussed, the new system encourages people to buy their tickets early.

2/7/12 – With FanFest quickly approaching, we provided our guide to enjoying to day.

2/8/12 – As a follow up to our FanFest guide, we relayed the autograph schedule for players appearing at the festival.

2/9/12 – With the Jeff Suppan signing finalized, we explored the pros and cons to Suppan as a pitcher and what he might add by signing a minor league contract.

2/9/12 – The rotation may be set, but in reality there are seven pitchers trying to fill the five rotation spots.  We looked at each of these players.

2/9/12 – We continued our Conversation With the Enemy series by circling back to the Colorado Rockies.