Get Your Tickets Early, Padres Implement Dynamic Ticket Pricing


The goal of dynamic ticket pricing is not necessarily to offer cheaper tickets to fans.  It is not necessarily designed to raise the price of tickets to those last minute fans who purchase at the gate.  The goal is to encourage fans to buy tickets early.  Rather than rely on those gate-purchased, game day tickets, the Padres hope the implementation of dynamic ticket pricing will entice fans to buy their game tickets well ahead of game day.

Bill Center of the San Diego Union Tribune said,

"Padres fans purchasing single-game tickets well in advance of games this season will usually get a discounted price as the Padres become the latest major league team to implement “dynamic pricing.”"

Tom Garkfinkel, the Padres COO and President said that about 75% of tickets will be at or below the 2011 prices.  Of course, this means 25% of tickets will sell for more than the 2011 prices.  However, fans who purchase early should be able to prevent any additional costs, and they may actually receive a discount.

With single-game tickets going on sale Saturday at FanFest, fans should think about getting tickets early. The price of baseball tickets has skyrocketed in recent years, and any discounts available should be welcome.