National League West Predictions

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Final Analysis

Without question, the N.L. West is the most competitive division in baseball.  Not the most talented, not the one with the best teams, but the most competitive in the sense of the fact that it will be hotly contested by a number of teams.  Any team in any season seems to have a shot, and it seems that a “Dark-Horse” always emerges and surprises the nation with a good season from this division.

Who will emerge victorious come October?  I say the Giants now, but that could change by May-June.  Maybe it’s the Rockies, but who knows?  Could L.A. throw their hat into the ring?  Or could Arizona continue off of last season’s success?  Heck, maybe even the Padres could win a few games here or there.

It will be interesting to watch what happens, and I’m stoked for a summer filled with excitement in the N.L. West.

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