Update on Padres Arbitration


Since publishing my piece on the 11 arbitration eligible players the Padres did not sign, the team did exactly that with five of them. Just beating the 10 AM deadline today, the Padres came to terms with Nick Hundley, John Baker, Chase Headley, Tim Stauffer, and Joe Thatcher.

According to Bill Center of the San Diego Union Tribune, the terms for Chase Headley, Nick Hundley, and Tim Stauffer weren’t immediately known. However, Joe Thatcher reportedly signed a one-year $700,000 contract, and John Baker reportedly signed a one-year $750,000 deal.

The remaining players may still be signed before next month when a arbitrator will hear the cases and make the ultimate decision. But for now it looks like the Padres were comfortable submitting their offers for those remaining six and letting the prices carry itself out.

When the terms of the agreements with Headley, Hundley, and Stauffer are made public, we will let you know.