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Padres Spring Training Tickets Signal the Dawn of a New Season


The Padres Spring Training Tickets officially go on sale today.  No this isn’t a plug for or an invite to buy tickets.  That’s not my department.  I’m no salesman.  No, the sale of Spring Training tickets means so much more than ticket revenue and attendance.  It signals the start of something great.

We are two months away from the Padres Spring Opener.  The long, dreadful off-season is drawing to a close.  While we’ve been hanging out with Old Man Winter, our computers virtually locked on MLB Trade Rumors, the excitement and intrigue of roster moves have kept us company.  There are surely more moves to come, but we’ve reached a stretch where there’s light at the end of this 5-month tunnel called the off-season.  Yet, from this moment on, reaching that light can feel like an incredibly long journey.

That’s why we must embrace the little things that push us onward and keep us dreaming of Opening Day.  The start to the Spring Training Ticket sales is one of those things.

The moment I received the email reminding me to purchase my tickets, I was glued to the schedule, carefully planning the games I would attend. This is but a landmark on the journey to the start of the season, and I am going to milk it for all it’s worth.

There are but very few landmarks along the way; winter meetings, arbitration deadlines, the start of Spring Training ticket sales, pitchers and catchers reporting, and the actual first game of Spring Training.  And as we hit each one, it feels like we’re passing a mile marker on a long cross-country journey.  Now, with tickets going on sale, we are starting to see the familiar sights of home as our journey winds down.

So rest your eyes a bit and continue your winter slumber, but make sure you get your Spring Training tickets if you can.  Before you know it, we’ll be talking about games rather than off-season transactions.