Anthony Rizzo to Left Field?


I know, the title sounds a tad weird but I am going somewhere with this I promise.  Due to the fact that I currently live in Tucson, I normally keep myself up to date on the goings-on of the Padres’ AAA-Affiliate here in town (Tucson Padres).  Normally during the off-season there are not a bunch of newsworthy stories regarding Tucson’s minor league team.  Yet on Christmas Eve, Patrick Finley of the Arizona Daily Star gave his take on the “Latos Trade” and a small forecast of what to look for with the T-Pads in 2012.

I however was intrigued by a statement made by the Padres’ international scouting and player development director Randy Smith on the subject of Anthony Rizzo’s future with the Padres after the trade and the possibility of him playing some Left Field:

"“He’s a good first baseman, but it wouldn’t hurt if he can play left field,” Smith said. “We’re not changing positions, but if we have both guys [Yonder Alonso is of course the other] in the system, it makes sense to see.”"

I guess Smith is not only on board with the situation either.  The article also states that the Padres’ organization has reached out to Rizzo since the trade and may be looking for him to have some positional flexibility as well entering Spring Training.

Now I completely and fully understand that Smith and the Padres don’t want to tip their hand on what they will do with Rizzo, and these rumors shouldn’t be taken as complete and total truth.  Prince Fielder has not signed anywhere yet, and the market for young Lefty First Basemen is still in flux until Fielder signs.  Moreover, Smith’s statement could just be a calculated ploy to get teams to overbid on Rizzo to try and pry him away from the Padres’ organization.

However, I still need to ask this simple question: Would the Padres actually try working Rizzo out in Left Field in Tucson in the attempt to bring him up to the big club to fill an enormous void?  I mean San Diego still needs an everyday Left Fielder.

But if Anthony is indeed moved to Left and not shipped to another franchise, plus gets some seasoning defensively in Spring Training and AAA to start the year, who knows?  Could Rizzo indeed be able to provide an adequate platoon with Kyle Blanks until one or both are moved?  Or are the rumors regarding Rizzo moving positions simply hogwash?

Now it’s your turn to chime in, readers.  What do you think of this situation with Rizzo?  Should he be shipped out to the highest bidder for Middle Infield Help?  Should he be tried out in Left Field?  Could he provide an adequate answer in Left if asked to move there?

Let the commenting begin.

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