The Spirit of Christmas


It’s Christmas day.  If you’re happening upon this post, it’s because you are either very bored, out of presents, or tired of watching the NBA’s marathon season-opener.  No matter the case, why not put your time to good use.  There are those less fortunate, those in worse conditions, and those who can’t fight for themselves that need your help.  Now is your time to make a difference.  On Christmas no less.

If you feel so inclined, below is a list of charitable organizations you may consider donating to:

The V Foundation

The V Foundation is dedicated to a never-ending quest for cancer research.  Their one and only goal is to find a cure, to find a way to rid families of cancer’s torturous grasp.  Every single penny you donate goes to cancer research.

The Innocence Project

We live in a world with vastly more resources than we had 20-30 years ago.  People convicted on shaky evidence deserve a chance for technology, research, and hard work to prove their innocence.  This is the goal of The Innocence Project.

Make-A-Wish Foundation

Making wishes come true for children in dire situations.  Sick kids need something to focus their attention on.  Their families need to to take their mind off the struggles.  Make-A-Wish helps that happen.

Wounded Warrior Project

Our veterans are often forgotten.  Those who come back with the wounds only war can inflict, must deal with both physical and mental recovery.  The Wounded Warrior Project helps make the adjustment a little easier.  They help wounded service men and women adjust and raise awareness for their struggles.

There are any number of other charities out there, and if you have the resources, I encourage you to donate.  During a time of giving, a charitable donation makes all the sense in the world.  Take a break from baseball.  Take a break from the rabid obsession we share together.  Enjoy your friends and family.  And if you can, help someone in need.

Merry Christmas!