Padres Outfield Decisions – Poll Results


Yesterday we gave you three different outfielders to examine based on stats alone.  We gave you career numbers, recent numbers, and essentially gave you their cost by telling you their average salary per Win Above Replacement.  Then, we did something crazy.  We let YOU decide who would be a good fit for the Padres.  Now, it’s time for the big reveal.  Someone grab Ty Pennington, get a really large bus, and say it with me:  “Move that bus!”

But first, let’s rehash the stats.  Player A is a career .252/.346/.490 hitter who averages 32 home runs per 162 games.  He’s an average fielder with below-average speed.  Player B is a career .250/.321/.410 hitter who averages 16 home runs per 162 games.  He an above average fielder with above average speed.  Player C was our oldest player and is a .286/.353/.435 hitter.  He averages 15 home runs per 162 games.  He’s a below-average fielder with diminishing speed.

Player A is Carlos Quentin.

Player B is the Padres’ own Will Venable.

Player C is Johnny Damon.

Now that you have names attached, do you still feel confident in your picks?  I hope so, because we’re going to announce the big winner.  That player is Carlos Quentin.

Pulling in 68% of the vote, Quentin won by a landslide.  Venable came in second with 29% of the vote.  And poor Johnny Damon finished last with 3%.  Not a bad pick Chicken Friar readers.  Given the stats only analysis, you made a solid choice.  Venable is less expensive, but also less proven.  Damon is old.  No one knows how Quentin would perform in San Diego, but he’s been attached to Padres rumors off and on.

So there you have it Josh Byrnes and the Padres front office, the people choose Carlos Quentin.