Padres Outfield Decisions


The next trade, if there is one, the Padres make could very well be for an outfielder.  Josh Byrnes already indicated the outfield was set with Cameron Maybin, Chris Denorfia, and Will Venable.  However, a power bat in right or left field would be nice.  We’re going to take a look at some options and you get to make the choice.*

*All decisions made here are completely binding and will be forwarded to the Padres for immediate action.

Let’s take a look at three different players.  These three players are all candidates for the Padres outfield.  They are realistic monetarily, they are available, and they have Major League experience.  But here’s the catch; You don’t get to know the players names.  Let’s get started.

Player A is 29 years old, right-handed, and can play both left and right field.  In his career, Player A has hit .252/.346/.490.  He’s averaged 32 home runs per 162 games and only strikes out 18% of the time.  He has averaged 1.5 WAR with his single-season high being 4.6 and his low being -0.4.  Player A is an average fielder but doesn’t have much speed. Player A’s average salary per Win Above Replacement has been $1,064,555.

Player B is 29 years old, left-handed, and can also play both left and right field.  He has averaged a triple-slash of .250/.321/.410 for his career.  He’s averaged 16 home runs per 162 games.  Player B strikes out 28% of the time, but is a slightly above average fielder and has some speed.  Player B stole 29 bases two years ago and 26 bases last season.  He has nearly matched Player A in average WAR at 1.425.  His single-season high for WAR was 2.4.  His low was -0.1. Player B’s average salary per Win Above Replacement has been $150,386.

Player C is 38 years old, left-handed, and has been all around the league.  His career slash-line is .286/.353/.435.  He’s averaged 15 HR per 162 games.  He strikes out just 13% of the time.  He’s an average to below-average fielder with diminishing speed.  He’s averaged 24 stolen bases per season.  Player C has averaged 3.11 WAR per season with a season high of 4.5 and a season low of 0.0.  His average salary per Win Above Replacement has been $2,087,693.

You’ve been given the fact, now you decide.

Player C