Could Roy Oswalt Be a Fit For the Padres?


Roy Oswalt, according to Jerry Crasnick of ESPN, has told teams he would be interested in a one year deal.  This of course has generated more interest in himself.  It also begs the question, what teams may he fit with?

Oswalt’s last contract should not scare people.  He is barely hanging on to a Major League career at this point, and he is far from being worth the $14.5 million (yearly average) the Astros/Phillies paid him.  That being said, Oswalt still had a sub-4 ERA last season as he battled through injuries and other distractions.  He still posted 1.6 WAR.  Oswalt may not be the pitcher he once was in Houston, but he could contribute somewhere.  The Padres came to mind in more of a what-if fashion, but the thought was intriguing enough I thought I’d pose it to the Chicken Friars readers.

If the Padres could get Roy Oswalt for one year, for a contract of $9 million or less, should they?